About us


VH storitve d.o.o. is a family company established in 2005, though the firm’s story began 30 years in the past to when we began mechanical metal processing on a part-time basis. This was the case until 1993 when VERIGA Lesce began downsizing. For this reason, we decided to set off on an independent path, the path we walk today.

Gradually, interest in our service grew, so we started growing through increasing our staff and developing our service for mechanical metal processing in totality.
In 2005, the family company VH storitve d.o.o. was established. Today we employ 14 people.

Our longstanding experience, the high technology of our SOLIDWORKS-SOLIDCAM systems, CNC machine tools and qualified staff, enable us today to provide high quality services, about 80% of which cater for the needs of foreign markets.